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How We Fund

The Access to Justice programme of the Foundation has three components:

The Foundation seeks project proposals from eligible civil-society organisations for funding and will provide grants and grant-management support to approved projects.—see Current calls for proposals [LINK]


Organisations applying for funding should read the “Overview of Programme and Funding Guidelines” together with the Specific Guidelines for the particular Call for which they are applying. (See Current Calls for Proposals)

The Foundation will favour community-based organisations (CBOs) that use a rights-based approach to development, which involves the elements of participation, accountability, a focus on vulnerable and marginalized groups, empowerment and respect for human rights.

Projects should enable non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and CBOs to engage effectively with government, vulnerable and marginalised groups, donor agencies in the promotion of human rights and each other.

Capacity Building

The Foundation also helps build capacity among civil-society organisations where appropriate. See Capacity Building.