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Constitutional Rights

To realize the rights established in the Constitution, vulnerable and marginalised groups must be aware of, and know how to exercise, these rights.

Constitutional Rights

The aim of this area of the programme, is to build greater awareness and knowledge of constitutional rights. It is only when people are made aware that they are able to claim their rights that they can actively influence decisions made about their community and country.

Civil-society organisations (CSOs) in South Africa often have greater success in promoting human rights awareness than government is able to achieve. The obstacles they face include uncoordinated efforts, dispersion, non-sustainability of initiatives and an inability to deliver large-scale projects.


Activities of this part of the programme aim to ensure that civil society is aware of the rights and responsibilities provided for in the constitution. This through:

  • Multi-media strategies and support to civil-society organisations in the human-rights sector
  • Promoting and protecting the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants
  • Developing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms appropriate to the human rights sector.

It is expected that these activities will:

  • make 2 million persons aware of their constitutional rights and responsibilities in terms of the constitution over three years inter alia through a multimedia strategy
  • Result in 120 service-level agreements with CSOs over three years
  • Through the CSOs, assist 35,000 refugees, asylum seekers and un-documented migrants over three years